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How to Improve Your Personal Brand

How to Improve Your Personal Brand written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing

Marketing Podcast with Rory Vaden

In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Rory Vaden, a New York Times bestselling author of Take the Stairs: 7 Steps to Achieving True Success and Procrastinate on Purpose: 5 Permissions to Multiply Your Time.  Rory Vaden is also the co-founder of Brand Builders Group. 

Rory is offering a free strategy call for all Duct Tape Marketing Podcast listeners. Find out more here.

Questions I ask Rory Vaden:

  • What was your entrepreneurial journey?
  • Was your door to door selling the most successful sales training?
  • How do you make more time?
  • In helping people build individual brands have you found that social media makes it harder?
  • What’s the difference between a point of view and a master of a platform?
  • How do you make money from a personal brand?
  • How do you figure out what problem a client solves?

More about Rory Vaden:

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