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How to Add Affiliate Marketing to Your Content

How to Add Affiliate Marketing to Your Content written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing

Marketing Podcast with Matt McWilliams

affiliate marketing In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Matt McWilliams, “The Affiliate Guy” and the President of Matt McWilliams Consulting.  He provides marketing consulting to small and medium-sized businesses ranging from retail clothing to music instruction.

Previously, he was the Internet Marketing Manager at Legacy Learning Systems in Nashville, Tennessee. Legacy’s ‘Learn and Master series’ has a mission of “Bringing Personal Dreams Within Reach,” making difficult skills, such as guitar, piano, drums, ballroom dancing, and more accessible through multimedia self-education courses.

In 2010, Matt won the Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards Affiliate Manager of the Year. The Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards are affiliate marketing’s most prestigious, competitive honor for the leaders in the space. He has also won awards from ABestWeb, the leading online affiliate community, for his affiliate management skills and advocacy of affiliate marketing. He won the 2009 Affiliate Manager of the Year award there as well as leading Legacy Learning Systems to be named Most Improved Affiliate Program (with over 70% of the votes) and a second-place finish for Best Affiliate Program.

Questions I ask Matt McWilliams:

  • In a way, there is a tremendous amount of crossover between the concept of referrals, strategic partners, and even networking. How can you see meshing those things together as a way to actually be a great business champ?
  • In a traditional referral model, I want that person to know the product, to know me, and to know the people who are actually referring the product. So does that take a whole different mindset and approach than the “Hey sell my product and you can get 10%”?
  • You see a lot of people who do the “5 best email service providers” reviews and it’s clear the one that they are promoting. Doesn’t that run the risk of being dishonest or if nothing else kind of disingenuous?

What you’ll learn if you give a listen:

  • What makes an affiliate and a strategic partner
  • When you should start affiliate marketing
  • Key mistakes that are made by first-time affiliate marketers
  • The best way to hire an affiliate manager

More about Matt McWilliams:

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