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Design Inspiration: 15 Exciting Website Advertising Campaigns

Design Inspiration: 15 Exciting Website Advertising Campaigns written by Guest Post read more at Duct Tape Marketing

The online advertising campaign is one of the most influencing marketing tools today. The secret of its striking effect is hidden in the peculiarities of human perception. Near 90 % of the information, people perceive visually. Thus, the visual effect which is used in design plays a determinative role in advertising. Using them correctly, you have all chances to modify reality according to your business purposes and create an inspired, memorable and well-directed advertisement.

We would not go in the depth of the theory of marketing approaches and rules just demonstrate you a few of the best latest campaigns. For your better understanding of the tools and marketing strategies which have brought them success read a few words about meaningful tricks helping to develop inspiration marketing design.

Design motivation tricks

Your campaign should motivate people to buy your product since it should be aligned with the needs and interests of your target auditory. Thanks to digital tools for investigating and gathering data about internet users you can find needed information in a few clicks. Remember, data matters for being in touch with your clients.

Despite focusing on the product, the advertisement should have the social background. Advertising report of Nielsen’s Global Trust shows that the most resonating in marketing context are humorous, value- and family-oriented, real-file situations.

Colors you use for designing advertisement matters. The scientists have proved the strong interrelation between hues and human feelings. You should know exactly what emotions you want to provoke in your audience. To choose the background, you may address to Robert Plutchik’s wheel of emotions. Consider, the saturated and rich colors are currently in trend. Indeed, coloristic should be balanced and look natural.

The advertising message is the core element of the marketing campaign. It should be short, clear, extremely focused and appealing to audience’s aspirations. It is worth admitting that typography style is the primary tool for making accents. Large, rich and contrasting typography is today the central trend of web design 2017.

15 Exciting Website Advertising Campaigns

1. Damien

2017 Internet Advertising Competition Award, Best Advertising Online Ad,

Promoting the horror series “Damien,” companies registered “Page Six SixSix” with incredible topical banner and live action video. They created the analogy with Devil hinting on the horrible essence of the series and mystical context. The emotion of horror was transmitted through each element of design.

2. White64 motors

2017 Internet Advertising Competition Award, Best Advertising Website

Presentation of the first autonomous flying sleigh appeals to the child’s beliefs of everyone. At the same time, they virtuously link these beliefs to the new opportunities of their product saying:

“ Innovation Just Got a New Face. Santa Got a New Sleigh”

3. Giants and Gentlemen (G&G)

2017 Internet Advertising Competition Award, Outstanding website.

The website was created to inspire potential employees and clients. Just from the campaign’s start, company’s staff has grown by 50% and 7 clients were added.

4. Tootsy Pop Interactive

2017 Internet Advertising Competition Award, Best Advertising Rich Media Online Campaign.

Marketing purpose: engaging viewers using the classic Tootsie Roll character Mr. Owl, increasing engagement through device motion gestures, incorporating a game for kids and appealing to parents with a nostalgic look at a Tootsie Roll campaign.

5. PBS kids

2017 People’s Voice, Website: youth

It is the bright example of targeting: colors are bright and incredibly enjoyable, thematically imagery and elementary functional – all what is good for children visual perception.

6. Spotify

2017 Webby Awards, People’s Voice

This campaign brightly demonstrates the importance of social context. The message: “Thanks 2016. It was the weird” captures people’s attention and then claims about program’s improvements.

7. Google – year in search 2016

2017 Webby Awards, People’s Voice, Website: Best Use of Video or Moving Image

As in the previous example, we can see that urgently social advertisement was rewarded with people’s voice. Indeed, all the social background is actualized by means of sounds, colors, movement’s effects – all is now in marketing and web design trends.

8. Larry King Now

2017 Webby Award Winner, Web Personality (Channels and Networks)

A simple and clear advertisement which demonstrates successful using of trend elements: a large typography, calm but rich hues, minimalism alongside eloquence.

9. Women’s footprints in history

2017 Webby Award Winner

An example of crafted combination between the text message and visual effect: one help remember the other; brilliant interplaying looks holistic – as it should be.

10. Milwaukee Ballet

2017 People’s Voice / Webby Award Winner, Best Home Page

One more web design trend 2017 – video effect as the Home Page. The fact that the company has got both people’s voice and professional reward confirm that this marketing approach works.

11. Through the Dark

2017 People’s Voice / Webby Award Winner, Best Use of Animation or Motion Graphics

Classical combination of white and dark focus attention on animation and core advertisement message – Google Play music is the way to the light.

12. IFLY KLM 50

2017 People’s Voice / Webby Award Winner, Best Visual Design – Aesthetic

The word ‘breathtaking’ is used not accidentally in the text message. One can see that the image, combination of colors, nature’s landscape and phenomena alongside the design idea create a really breathtaking effect.

13. 2015 Digital Annual Report Airbus Group

2017 Webby Award Winner, Websites: Corporate Communication

You can here see contrasting typography and its appealing effect: the word “Ahead” is larger and more saturated to appeal people’s striving to be always “Ahead” of the others. Light blue color – color of lightness and elevation; what can be better associated with the safety of fly?

14. BBC Culture

2017 People’s Voice, Best Cultural Blog/Website

Effective use of the images with the background of the real life’s stories

15. Clear Score

2017 People’s Voice, Websites: Financial Services/Banking

One more bright demonstration of emotional appeal: the words “free” and “freedom” appear twice in the text message. Background greatly enhances the human emotional need for being free.

It is the short list of the Internet Advertising Competitions’ winners, but just a few examples brightly demonstrate the core marketing tricks and reflect the latest tendencies in the web design and advertisement. Even if you have not found here anything consonant with your vision, you should be already charged with the inspiration to act. Do not delay for later, the trends and tricks are changing in an extremely short period.

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